Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Customer - All I need to know

  • Q.Is Zenith for everybody?
  • Q.What are the different kind of accounts I can open with Zenith Bank?"
  • Q.What is the minimum initial deposit to open an account with Zenith Bank?
  • Q.How long does it take to open an account with Zenith Bank?
  • Q.What are the bank's operating hours?

Internet Banking FAQS

  • Q. What is Internet Banking?
  • Q. What Do I need to make use of this service?
  • Q. How do I sign-up for Internet banking?
  • Q. I'm already signed up for Internet banking. How do I sign-on?
  • Q. How Secure is Internet Banking?
  • Q. Is there a charge for using the Internet Banking Application?
  • Q. I am Having Problems Accessing the Internet Banking Application and Viewing my Account Statements, what could be the problem?
  • Q. What if I forget my Access Code, Username or Password?
  • Q. How secure is my transaction?
  • Q. How often can I transfer funds?
  • Q. How does the approval process work?
  • Q. When I entered an amount to be transferred and submitted the transfer, I received the message "Please enter valid amount"
  • Q. When I am entering the requested Zenith Bank Ghana Inter account transfer informant, what goes in the Transaction Description Box?
  • Q. What If I Have Another Question?

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