Z-WEB ACQUIRING Verified by Visa

Doing online business or e-commerce in the African market is plagued with so many risks to both merchants and consumers due to the avalanche of scams, identity theft, and fraudsters. Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited has provided a solution with the introduction of the Z-Web Acquiring –Verified by Visa (VbV) which allows merchants to accept card payments from customers who desire to do online purchases using their Visa cards. It is a gateway that connects merchants, cardholders, and financial institutions with Visa's advanced network, offering the assurance of secure transactions and timely payments.


  1. Secure online acquiring via VISA platform: This product offers the assurance of a highly secured system that will make transactions fraud-free and authentic.
  2. Cardholder Authentication Alternative: This platform offers a full bouquet of card payment authentication methods namely:
    • Verified by Visa (VbV): this is a feature which enables issuing banks to authenticate the identity of any cardholder engaged in transacting online. Cardholders can enroll on the service by creating a Personal Assurance Message (PAM) at the point of registering for the VbV service or during the checkout process which is called ‘Activation While Shopping’
    • Password and PIN request: A cardholder whose card has been Verified by Visa is made to enter his PASSWORD and PIN before his card is debited. This security is exclusive to Verified by Visa cards.
    • Card Verification Value2 (CVV2): This is the three-digit number imprinted on the signature panel of Visa cards which helps authenticate the card in possession of the card holder


  • 24/7 convenience: The Z-Web Acquiring product allows consumers purchase services or goods from the comfort of their homes or offices by using their card, day or night.
  • Secure online shopping and payment: once a merchant’s website is enabled with the Z-Web Acquiring Verified by Visa, consumers can be assured of total card information security and confidentiality of transactions.
  • Cardholder authentication (VbV) for enhanced security of cardholder: VbV allows authentication of the cardholder at the time of purchase and consequently reduces the risk of fraud and fraudulent transactions
  • Reduced collection costs: the platform reduces back office and related costs as a result of cash holding on the office premises
  • Security: merchants enjoy protection against fraud-related chargebacks and hassle-free settlements
  • Prestige: It places merchants in a different class
  • Real-time card authentication and payment authorization: Merchants can now experience a new level of security for accepting payments online


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