KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines


We are in collaboration with KLM on their e-ticketing package. Customers can go to the KLM website and book a flight to destination of their choice. This will generate a passenger name record (PNR) which enables the customer to make payment at any of our branches. As soon as payment is made KLM is notified and the customer is immediately issued with an e-ticket. Payment may also be made to our on-site tellers at the KLM ticketing office.

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

Make your booking

Visit the KLM website by clicking on the link below to make a flight booking or reservation. This process gives you the Passenger Name Record (PNR) or Booking Code*.

*-KLM will also send you an email confirming details of your ticket and your proposed itinerary.

Pay at Zenith

You (or your proxy) may then proceed to any of our branches within 72 hours to effect a payment using the PNR provided when booking the flight.

Print your ticket

KLM will send you a copy of your e-ticket via e-mail immediately after payment is effected. You can print your e-ticket or collect the e-ticket at any branch and proceed to check-in on the flight date.

Bonne Journee and Happy Landings!

Continue to the KLM site >>>

Please note the following very important points:

  • Payments are only acceptable in cash or bank draft / payment order/ manager's cheque / banker's payment.
  • Payment in currencies other than USD must be converted at the applicable KLM daily exchange rate.

For further enquiries please call the Third Party Desk on our toll free line -080010100


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