Money Transfers Services

Visit any Zenith Bank branch or agency to receive your inflows via MoneyGram, Western Union, EzRemit and Ria Money Transfer.


  • Q. What money transfer services does Zenith Bank offer?
  • Q. Must I be a Zenith Bank customer to access the money transfer service
  • Q. What document/information will be required when receiving a remittance at Zenith Bank?
  • Q. Can I transfer money outside Ghana using the money transfer service?
  • Q. Can I visit the Bank to collect a money transfer remittance on behalf of my sick relative?
  • Q. Can I receive my money transfer remittance in the foreign currency in which it was sent?
  • Q. How soon can I access the funds I receive through a money transfer platform?
  • Q. Do all Zenith Bank locations offer the money transfer service?
  • Q. Why is the money I received not the same value as the Bank’s advertised exchange rates?
  • Q. What is the maximum amount I can receive on the platform?
  • Q. What number can I call for assistance/enquiries?

Security Tips To Help You Receive Your Money Transfer Funds

  1. Do not share your unique reference number with a third party.
  2. Ensure you are standing directly infront of the paying teller when your money transfer remittance is being processed.
  3. Please speak to the sender in a very secure environment when any concerns on the transaction are brought to your attention.
  4. Speak softly - do not shout answers across when they are requested by the paying teller.
  5. Ensure that any person assisting you to fill out the remittance form does not record any information or hold on to any document bearing the transfer information.

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