Q. What is Z-Mobile?

A. Z-Mobile is an acronym for our newly branded Zenith Mobile. It is the new mobile banking product from Zenith Bank that enables you to carry out various banking and payment transactions on your mobile phone. It runs as a menu driven application and it eliminates the use of series of strings as it is on our previous mobile link.

Q. How do I load Z-Mobile application to my phone?

A. Visit any Zenith Bank branch; go to our customer service officers who will upload the Z-Mobile application via Bluetooth, infrared. That means your phone must be Bluetooth, infrared or compliant.

Q. What parameters do I require to setup the application on my phone?

A. Once you install the program all you need is to supply your pin for different services.

Q. How is Z-Mobile different from Mobile Banking?

A. The major difference is that Z-Mobile application has added functions like Bill Payments, Buying Mobile Top ups etc.

Q. How secure is Z-Mobile?

A. Z-Mobile uses the most secured model of data transmission encryption on the eCommerce platform.

Q. What banking services are available on Z-Mobile?

A. Services available are Check balance, mini statement, Funds transfer like card to account, card to mobile and card to card, mobile phone top-up for all mobile networks which allow you to top up for friends and yourself, Bills payment like DSTv subscription payment etc.

Q. Can I push Z-Mobile application on my phone to my friends' phone?

A. You can push the application to your friends' phone only if they have exactly the same model of phone with you, else's, it won't work. Everyone phone type has its own uniquely compiled application.

Q. Is the service available when I travel out of the country?

A. It is available for use outside the country only if you roam your phone to receive calls outside the country.

Q. Can Z-Mobile run on any phone?

A. It can only run on Java enabled phones.

Q. How do I know if my mobile phone is java enabled?

A. The manual that comes with the phone always states the type of application that could run the mobile phone. You can also check the phone websites to confirm this.

Q. Do I need to have credit on my phone to run Z-Mobile?

A. Yes. The application runs on SMS and the provider of such services charges for such services.

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