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Zenith Bank Makes a Dream Come True

Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited has recorded yet another success story as it officially outdoors her "Zenith Doctor" Dr. Lawrencia Ami Honu who was recently inducted as a Medical Doctor at a ceremony held at Miklin Hotel, East Legon in Accra.

Dr. Honu was admitted into the University of Ghana Medical School in August 2007 after a pre-medical course at the University of Ghana Faculty of Science. She was awarded a BSc. (Medical Science) degree in June 2009 and an MB. Ch. B (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) degree in May 2013.

Dr. Honu's dream of becoming a doctor was birthed in 2004 whilst in secondary school after a bout of illness and the help she got from a medical doctor who happened to be a good Samaritan. This desire was further confirmed when she got admission into the University of Ghana Faculty of Science. With further assistance from good samaritans, Dr. Honu secured sufficient funds to complete the registration for her pre-medical course and accommodation on campus.

After passing the examination for the highly competitive pre-medical course examination as well as the interview for admission into Medical School she sought financial assistance to enable her pay the fees for her 1st year Clinical Studies. This is where she approached a number of organisations including Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited even though many tried to discourage her, stating that it was an exercise in futility.

The Bank’s decision to assist Dr. Honu was in line with its  mission statement "to continue to invest in the best people, technology and environment to underscore our commitment to customer enthusiasm."  

Zenith Bank not only committed to Dr. Honu's 1st year Clinical Studies, the Bank offered her a full educational scholarship package to cover the entire period of her studies in the Medical School.

Zenith Bank since the award of the scholarship, has delivered on all its promises. It has gone the extra mile to make Dr. Honu feel very much a part of the Zenith family by taking a keen interest in her welfare throughout the period.

Today, Zenith Bank's investment has yielded great dividend in Dr. Honu.

Ayeekoo Dr. Lawrencia Ami Honu on your award of the MB. Ch. B (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery).

Zenith Bank is proud of your success.

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