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Zenith Bank’s GlobalPAY Brings Ease And Security To E-Commerce

Zenith Bank’s GlobalPAY Brings Ease And Security To E-Commerce

Zenith Bank Ghana, awarded the Best e-Commerce Bank in the country during the 2015 Global Banking and Finance Review Awards, has launched GlobalPAY, its new e-Commerce service, to enable companies (merchants) sell their products safely online in order to boost sales in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace. Recognizing the vast opportunity for local companies to expand their business online, supported by a digital-savvy bank, GlobalPAY has been designed as a secure web-based collection gateway that enables merchants to accept real-time card payments from customers worldwide. Both merchants with a website and those without one can sign on to GlobalPAY and receive online payments from a wide variety of locally and internationally issued cards, including MasterCard and Visa.

The platform connects Zenith Bank with merchants and cardholders as well as the payment networks of MasterCard and Visa to provide the assurance of secure transactions and timely payments. This is achieved through the system’s in-built standard verification and authentication methods carried out on every transaction done by the cardholder. To access GlobalPAY, merchants with a functional website require a one-time integration, whereby Zenith Bank will work with the merchant’s developers to integrate its payment API into their website, thereby enabling customers to make purchases with their cards directly from the website. For merchants without a website or that may not want to undergo the integration, Zenith Bank will create an online store for them to list/display their products. Customers will then make purchases with their cards from the shop on GlobalPAY.

Merchants—which may include supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, large and small corporates, airlines, internet companies and virtually any entity seeking to do business or receive payments online—stand to benefit from using GlobalPAY as it increases the global reach of their businesses, grants 24/7 access to their products and services, provides real-time card authentication and payment authorization, and ensures multiple card acceptance and secure transactions via Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode (MSC). Other benefits include reduced administrative overheads, guaranteed funds and hassle-free settlement, efficient and prompt payment, and simple back office reconciliation and control.

Ultimately, merchants reap the benefits of enhanced customer loyalty as the service improves the overall experience of their customers online. With this new service, Zenith Bank Ghana is burnishing its strong reputation for innovation in the digital banking space and has shown once again that it is a premium solutions provider for its customers and the wider banking public. e-Commerce obviously has much unexploited potential in Ghana, and the Bank is continuously deploying its advanced technology infrastructure and secure banking systems, accompanied by a greater level of convenience each time, to boost e-Commerce uptake in the country. Merchants who come onboard the GlobalPAY platform are assured of Zenith Bank’s traditional service hallmarks of promptness, reliability, efficiency, and security

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