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What is ZMobile?

ZMobile is an acronym for our newly branded Zenith Mobile. It is the new mobile banking product from Zenith Bank that enables you to carry out various banking and payment transactions on your mobile phone. It runs as a menu driven application and it eliminates the use of a series of strings as it is on our previous mobile link.

To enjoy the benefits of ZMobile, customers are required to sign up for the Zenith Internet Banking service (Zenith iBanking) and must be issued with an Access Code or a hardware token to authenticate their login.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download ZMobile

You can download the ZMobile application from the Appstore on iPhone or from Google Playstore on an Android phone by typing “ZMobile Ghana”.

Please note: ZMobile Ghana is a free mobile application which is exclusive to account holders of Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited.

How to Register

On the Login Page click Register. Registration can be done with either your Access Code or hardware token.

  1. To register with your Access Code; enter account Number, Access Code and Password
  2. To register with hardware token; enter account Number, Access Code and Pin+Token

How is ZMobile different from Mobile Banking?

The major difference is that ZMobile application has added functions like bill payments, buying mobile top-ups etc.

How secure is ZMobile?

ZMobile uses the most secure model of data transmission encryption on the eCommerce platform.

What banking services are available on ZMobile?

Services available are check balance, mini statement, funds transfer like a card to account, card to mobile and card to card, mobile phone top-up for all mobile networks which allow you to top up for friends and yourself, bills payment like DStv subscription payment, etc.

Is the service available when I travel out of the country?

It is available for use outside the country only if you roam your phone to receive calls outside the country.

Can ZMobile run on any phone?

It can only run on Java-enabled phones.

How to delete ZMobile profile

Please click here to download a complete walkthrough on how to delete your ZMobile profile.

Contact Us

Zenith Direct Customer Contact Centre
Tel: (+233) 302 429700 / (+233) 302 611500 / (+233) 302 680884 / (+233) 542 000111
Toll Free: 0800 10100 (Telecel Only)  Email: info@zenithbank.com.gh
Or visit any Zenith Bank branch closest to you.

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